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Gorgeous girls

All of our dogs are extensively health checked to ensure their genetic and physical well being meet our standards for breeding.

Doodle Hall's Skylar

Australian Labradoodle

Skylar is laid back and soppy yet full of character and boundless energy! She is happiest when she's with the family - inside or outdoors. She has a great sense of adventure and loves accompanying us on bike rides, running in the woods or up a mountain!


Woodham Doodles' Maggie

Australian Labradoodle

Wise beyond her years, Maggie has a way of maintaining her innocence in any situation. She's a kind and loving soul who enjoys the company other dogs and cats and is always up for a bit of fun. She is very social with humans and animals alike and likes to express herself by using her voice to talk - not bark!

Woodham Doodles' Amber        (retired)

Australian Labradoodle

Miss Amber has always been full of life and energy whilst retaining an acute air of responsibility to the people around her. She loves nothing more than a game of ball at the end of the day and loves to display the ALD characteristic of sleeping anywhere in any position - particularly upside down on her back!

Our Dogs: Females
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