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Caring for your puppy

A few tips you might find useful.

Puppy care: Welcome

Planning for the arrival of a new puppy can be daunting!
I have collated some information about things you might need to help you feel more prepared .


Bedding & sleep

It is suprising how much puppies sleep in the first year. They wear themsleves out pretty quickly and are always napping to re-energise and need their sleep to grow!

Just like toddlers, its important to establish a bed-time routine for the puppy. Try and maintain some quiet time before bed so that the puppy is nice and calm before you put them to bed.

Leaving its siblings is a huge change for your puppy, so if it does cry at night try and be patient and ignore it as giving it attention is a sign of rewarding crying behaviour.

When browsing through the huge choice of dog beds always go for a larger bed for the puppy to grow into as it develops.

You will receive a vet bed as part of your puppy care pack. It's great bedding as it is comfortable and dries quickly when you wash it. I recommend having a couple of pieces as bedding for either in the crate or just around the house to help the puppy feel settled.


Toys and treats

Puppies love toys and chews! They are great for physical development and mental stimulation and giving them something to chew prevents boredom and stops them from chewing your belongings or furniture instead.

When selecting toys and chews it is always better to go bigger rather than smaller to avoid the risk of choking. Try and have a selection of toys and rotate them so that the dogs don'g get bored with the same thing.

Antlers are a great chew as they are natural and hygenic and don't smell!  Your puppy will enjoy them as they have used them when they are here.

Your ALD will love fetching a ball so it's always good to have a ball thrower in the car. They love you to play a game of tug of war with a rope and frisbee training is great stimulation.

I use food toys successfully to prevent separation anxiety from developing. I make a fuss of them, give them a food toy (lick mat or food dispenser toy) before leaving them alone. By the time they realise you have left they are too busy with their toy and therefore don't connect with any form of anxiety.

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